Moving Through Motherhood is a school for moms. It is a place for moms and moms-to-be. It is a place to learn and take part in your birth and/or motherhood!

Breathe Easy Birth

This program is perfect for first time moms or moms who want it to be different this time around. This course should be taken around 30-34 weeks of pregnancy. The self paced course goes over how to prepare your body for labor, teaching your birth partner how to provide continuous labor support, and post partum recovery. We will teach you the balance between strength and stretching and the evidence behind the WHY. 

Mending Mama

This self paced program goes over the physical challenges that occur weeks 0-10. We will cover all the things no one tells you about postpartum. We will talk about how to pee, poop, and when to have sex. We will review how to functionally engage your pelvic floor, and restore your core.


This online course is perfect for moms at any stage. We focus on posture, mobility, pelvic floor and core strength, and urinary leakage. With on-demand access, you will learn ways to retrain your bladder and pelvic floor so you don’t have to worry about peeing your pants anymore. Receive step-by-step guidance on your core and pelvic floor including where to start and how to progress. You’re provided with strategies to decrease pelvic pain so you can engage in enjoyable sex again. 

Leak No Longer

An Online course designed to walk you through all the steps so you don’t keep peeing in your panties! You will receive weekly video lessons and step-by-step guidance from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. This self-paced course is designed for anyone experiencing bladder leakage while sneezing, coughing, laughing, running, jumping, or working out! It also goes over urinary urgency for anyone who is constantly looking for the nearest restroom and cannot make it there in time! Don't let peeing in your pants become your "new normal"!

COMING SOON: Petite Potty Training

Potty training how-to for your little ones coming soon!

From Childbirth to Motherhood, we are here you help guide you through!

A little about "Moving through Motherhood"...


"I always struggled with leaking with working out. After taking your course, I can exercise fully without feeling like I am going to have to stop just in case I leak!"

-Leah, First Time Mom

"I knew I needed help and guidance. In just a few weeks I feel confident I can play with my daughter and care for my newborn without fear of hurting. Thanks for the phenomenal course!"

- Sheilah, Mom of 2- VBAC